About The Course

The Catheter Care course is designed for those working with individuals who have a catheter. The course provides an understanding of bladder incontinence and the aids available to manage it, such as; indwelling catheters, super pubic catheters, intermittent self catheterization and urostomy systems. Learners will gain knowledge on the importance of infection control for individuals with catheters and the problems that some people may face due to incontinence. Learners will also gain practical skills in how to drain and change catheter bags.

Learners must demonstrate a willingness to learn and participate in all group activities, case studies and group discussions. To pass the course learners will need to be able to demonstrate how to empty a catheter leg bag and detach and empty a night bag.
All learners will receive a certificate of completion
3 Hours, typical course times are 0930-1630.
The course can be delivered at locations to suit the client
A maximum of 15 learners per trainer are allowed


Key Features

Understanding the urinary system
Understanding bladder incontinence
The different catheters, urostomy systems and other incontinence products
Catheter and skin care
The importance of infection control
The importance of partnership working
Record keeping eg. bladder charts
Practical skills in emptying and detaching leg and night bags.