About The Course

The Dementia Care in depth course is an advanced course designed to provide a greater understanding to learners who already have the basic knowledge of dementia. Learners will gain the knowledge and skills required to meet the support needs of dementia patients through person centred approaches. This course focuses on supporting patients with communication skills, daily living tasks, reality orientation and behaviours.

Learners must demonstrate a willingness to learn and participate in all group activities, case studies and group discussions.
All learners will receive a certificate of completion
6 Hours, typical course times are 0930-1630.
The course can be delivered at locations to suit the client
A maximum of 15 learners per trainer are allowed


Key Features

Understanding dementia
The anatomy of the brain and how dementia can affect it
Common types and causes of dementia
Signs and symptoms
How dementia can be mistaken for other conditions, such as; delirium and depression
Assessment and diagnosis
Treatment and management through medications and other aids.
The effects on communication, daily living and perceptions
Supporting communication and daily living
Challenging behaviours and reality orientation
The importance of person centred dementia care